Bullrun 2008 Route

After 7 days on the road the Bullrun 2008 has finished in Scottsdale, Arizona. The last two days of the rally the Arizona Troopers gave the Bullrun pack a really hard time, that’s why there’s been a little delay in our coverage. Now most of the Bullrunners have left the state we can post up more stories from Bullrun 2008 in Arizona.

Earlier we had a chat with Ashley van Dyke about her arrest. “We’ve had such a terrible time out here in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. I was on a radio show giving an interview when I was pulled over! They heard the cop tell me to turn off my engine and get out of the car. The drive was long too but everyone is having fun and enjoying the adventure as one big family.”

“Within five minutes of the start of the second leg the scanners were going off that there is an all points bulletin to pull over the green Hummer. The Z06, Team Spring Mountain, was pulled over for a dealer plate that was Nevada and apparently told not valid in Arizona. The Sergeant warned us that a Hummer was filming the run and they are seeking to confiscate the video tapes and cameras and impound the Hummer. After a few phone calls the Hummer received word and decided to pull off the highway onto an Indian Reservation where the Arizona Highway Patrol has no jurisdiction. After an hour of hiding out in a corn field the rest of the Bullruners were unable to reach or receive word on the status or whereabouts. Around 9PM the Hummer pulls into the hotel Bullrun style. It was a beer bash of Miller Lite greetings and a safe return…btw the Hummer looked a little different.”

The final day of the rally was an easy but hot one, the first checkpoint was at Lake Roosevelt. Everyone was alarmed from the events the day before so the cruising speeds were lower than normal and everyone was weary of more DPS run-ins like the day before. After the lake it was on to the Harris Ak-Chin Casino, Bullrun organisers set out a route over the 30 mile long Apache Trail, for supercars a different route was suggested. But the driver of the Aston Martin DBS decided to take his chances and was in for a rough ride over the winding dirt road. At the Harris Ak-Chin Casino the Bullrunners had lunch and played some Black Jack The Bullrunners had to get 21 in order to receive the next route card which took them to Firebird Raceway. Ashley van Dyke reported: “I took out the Z06 a few times but the heat was almost unbearable and my tires were very worn making the car squarely. The final run into Scottsdale was less than 30 miles from the track. We parked out cars in Old Town and headed off the pool to cool off.”

The rally finished at the Valley Ho Hotel in Scottsdale with a party with great food and a lively prize giveaway bash. Everyone had a lot of high energy and excitement to party one last time with all their Bullrun friends.

To wrap up our coverage we’ve collected all the Bullrun 2008 news, links, pictures and videos we’ve found over the past week:

Special thanks to Ashley van Dyke, Cardomain and all the Bullrun participants that shared their experiences!

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  1. Sounds like everyone had good fun and safely!!! Interesting to see what next years route is because it appears people are getting bored of the same style of route every year.


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