Ashley van Dyke arrested & handcuffed in Arizona

Just got word from Ashley van Dyke running at this year Bullrun in a Corvette Z06. She got pulled in Arizona and kept in handcuffs for over an hour before being released with a $600 ticket. She’s now limping to the checkpoint in Tuscon. We already found a warning send out to troopers in Arizona posted at the Bullrun forums: “Be on the look out for a bunch of “higher end” cars racing on the the 101 or 51 or I 17. From Friday 12pm till sun . Don’t want another showing of a guy doing 219mph in Arizona. Watch out for miss coding.”

Ashley was fourth to arrive at West Coast Customs this morning. The Team Streetfire Cobra had a busted oil cooler and were towed to LK Motorsports, they hope to catch up later.

Update: Team Streetfire is back on the road in a Nissan 350Z.

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  1. I think this year’s Bullrun is a sign of impending doom for these rallies. Notice the complete absence of any celebrities, favorable coverage, or even ANY coverage? Celebs aren’t touching it anymore, so nobody’s watching. The sponsors who gambled this year must feel pretty foolish, doubt they’ll do it again.
    Will be very interesting to see how Gumball fares this August… if it isn’t cancelled before then.

  2. This year hasn’t been brilliant by the looks of it but I think thats because some of the normal Bullrun contestants have been tied up doing work ect. I think its great that Bullrun hasn’t gone the same way as Gumball…

  3. WE DON’T NEED CELEBS!!! Gumball3000 went the wrong way with too much socalled celebs that they threat their real fans completly wrong.
    And for real rally fans there are enough sources to get informations.

  4. WE don’t, but Gumball and Bullrun MUST have celebrities or they are dead in the water. Not saying it’s a good thing at all, but their business model is built on it. Saying that Bullrun hasn’t gone the Gumball route is silly, they just haven’t been able to pull it off as “well”, and not for a lack of trying. In case you haven’t noticed, Bullrun is TWICE as expensive to join vs. the previous yers. That’s ehat happens when your TV show gets cancelled and no celebs show up for free booze and cocaine! ;)

  5. I can’t remember but I think last year there were also no celebs. So I think that has nothing to do with that that the price doubled.

  6. In all honesty I don’t think Gumball has a business model, I think Julie realised its potential but never really understood the best way to maintain it or build on it. They’ve taken some pretty strange steps in the past and are never as ‘to the point’ as you want them to be, theres always a complication… That said, we’ve got to give them a chance…


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