Some guys in Arizona pushed their Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 to the limits on one of the American interstates and made the world witness of their stupid and useless attempt via youtube. Autoblog says they were on a quest to set the world speed record for an LP640 on Arizona public highways, at the end of the video the driver tells the camera: “I’m the driver and this was the world speed record for the LP640. 219 miles per hour. Try to beat it.”

Clearly this kid is not aware of the LP640 that did 219 mph (352,4 km/h) on an highway in Europe back in september 2006. And we highly doubt he will be able to beat that 219 mph himself as he already struggled to keep track of other cars on the road while he fired the LP640 bullet from one end of town to the other this time. The sound keeps amazing us though.

Update: The Arizona department of public safety also watched the video and started an investigation.

LP640 in Arizona (November 2007):

LP640 in Europe (Oktober 2006):

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