Bullrun 2008

Only a few days to go until one of the biggest rallies takes place: the Bullrun 2008! For the first time, the invite-only event, with a $20,000 entry fee, will launch from Calgary as it makes its way down to Scottsdale, Arizona — a distance of 2,000 km as the crow flies, said event spokeswoman Helena Barton.

Known for its festivities as much as for the eccentric nature of the race itself, Calgary will be playing host for the Bullrun 2008 launch party on June 20, with competitors hitting the road on the 21st, said Barton.

“The Bullrun 2008 official launch party will be held at the Whiskey on Friday, June 20th … you can expect to see the notorious Bullrun 2008 mayhem.”, said Barton.

Drivers navigate from city to city, knowing only their next destination.

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Bullrun Route

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