We all know that BMW has some nice cars in their production line. Thinking of a M5 or M6 makes us dream every single time. But when we look at the details of the 507 bhp strong M5 and M6 we don’t really see a sportscar, taken out of mind we see a competitor for the announced SL Black Series. Last year their were rumours and now the German magazine Auto Zeitung is reporting that a successor to the original M1 supercar is coming in 2012.

Latest news is that the car will come in a full carbon-fibre chassis plus a number of other weight saving technologies including carbon-ceramic brakes, forged magnesium wheels… . According to Motor Authority the existing V10 would get extra power by adding two turbochargers. Final result of this would be 625 bhp and a topspeed that comes close to 250 mph (400 kmh). An entry-level version of the car will be offered with BMW’s new twin-turbo V8 engine and will cost around €150,000 (£ 116 700 – $ 231 400), for the stronger V10 you’ll need to pay double of the price!

[via Motor Authority]


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