Ford GT by Heffner Performance

A Ford GT is a supercar where lot’s of us dream about. For some who are so lucky to own one, is the car not fast enough with it’s 206 mph (330 kmh) top. For that problem are two options. “One” you buy a more powerfull and faster car or “two” you bring your Ford GT to a tuner. For the 2nd option there’s Heffner’s Performance, who created a package for the Ford GT. The car is still running on the same V8 but the engineers added a biturbo on it which results in a topspeed of 220 mph (350 kmh)!

Last year during the Texas Mile, a race in the USA, the Ford GT by Heffner reached a topspeed of 216 mph (346 kmh) on a distance of only 1609 meter. That is a result that beats a McLaren SLR and even a Carrera GT. Later on that day, after a lot of practice the Ford GT managed to tick off a topspeed of 223 mph (357 kmh). We added a video of that topspeed testing day. Enjoy the show of a very fast exotic!

[via Autogespot]v

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