Maybach 62S

At the IAA 2007 a stop at the Maybach stand in the Mercedes pavillion shouldn’t be missed. Top of Maybach’s range is the Maybach 62S; the biggest and most expensive limousine money can buy. In the backseat you will find yourself surrounded by all the luxury you can wish for; a big range of communication and entertainment features makes your journey as pleasant and worthwhile as possible.

The ‘S’ has 612 bhp, 62 bhp more then the normal Maybach 62, thanks to the AMG tuned 6 liter V12 under the hood. This results in a 0,2 faster sprint from zero to 60 mph, 5,2 seconds compared to the 5,4 seconds in the normal Maybach 62. The top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h due to the increased load on the tyres. Compared to his smaller and lighter brother, the Maybach 57S, the latter is our favorite; the 62S makes driving the huge limousine faster and more fun but it’s still more a car to be driven in rather then to drive in yourself. The Maybach 57S maybe lacks some of the huge ‘WOW!’ factor that the huge Maybach 62 triggers with bystanders but for those of you that love driving the Maybach 57S should be your Maybach of choice.

Maybach 62S

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