The Ferrari 599 GTB got in the hands of well known tuner, Novitec Rosso. They will show the result on the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2 weeks. They have created a nice package for the already amazing 599 GTB. Increased down force as well as cooling is provided by the body kit consisting of front lower spoiler, side skirts with larger air intake openings, side flaps, rear wing and rear diffuser. As the final styling element, 20-inch rimms in the front and 21-inch in the rear.

For performance, the mid engine 599 GTB gets additional 25 bhp upto 645 bhp via control unit upgrade and exhaust system with slightly larger 90mm dual tips.. Top speed increases by 5 km/h. Currently, Novitec Rosso is developing an even bigger power upgrade which is expected to be released in 2008.

Handling is improved with an adjustable aluminum suspension manufactured by KW Automotive. Ride height is adjustable by pressing a button. Final touches include LED rear lamps and black side indicators.

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