Molly Saleen

Enjoy this second write-up by Molly Saleen, daughter of the famous car tuner Steve Saleen, about her second leg from New Orleans to San Antonio!

Well, today started off not being so good. We were one of the last cars to leave this time and about 5 miles into the rally…. I was rear ended by an Impala! I got out of the car to check the damage and the guy immediately said, “all i was trying to do is get a picture of your car.” Luckily, there was no damage!! He just gave me a slight tap on the rear bumper as we were sitting in traffic on the I-10W.

After our first fuel stop, we were ready to rally and so myself along with the M5, Porsche, Audi, Lotus, and 2 other “Bad Boy” Saleens were testing our top speeds against one another. It was a fun run in and out of the rain! The M5 team took off making their own lane on the freeway leaving the rest of us behind in their wake (there was quite a bit of water on the highway). Finally I was able to out manuever the big rigs and leave the rest of the pack behind as I went after the M5 team, I didn’t end up catching them for about 4 hours! Well thats a wrap for day 2. Two days down and no speeding tickets for Team Molly-Pop!! Were off on a LONG run tomorrow!!

Daily Rumors:

The BMW M5 team was reported to have been arrested doing speeds well over 150mph. As it turns out they were only written up for traveling at 77mph in a 70mph zone.

Team “Half Evil,” along with some other vehicles pulled into a town on the Louisiana border. Upon their arrival they were greeted by the local Sheriff and a handful of deputies. Once the sheriff learned of The Great American Run he immediately closed down a strip of road an insisted on giving the boys a full escort out of town….. this should make for some great footage!

Finally, one of our own “Bad Boy” Saleen Mustangs was stopped for speeding in his 600hp Extreme. Way to go Mr. Stockbridge! Your finally breaking it in!!



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