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Molly Saleen joins Great American Run

Molly Saleen

Like we reported earlier this week in our Great American Run forum, Molly Saleen joins the Great American Run in her Molly-Pop Mustang.

Set to be re-enacted on July 29th with the inaugural running of the Great American Run road rally, the Molly-Pop bristles with more attitude than Reynolds could ever muster in the slapstick road trip celluloid. Formerly a modest stock S281-SC, the Mustang has undergone more image changes than Madonna. It now wields 500bhp, 475 lbs-ft of torque and shines with star quality thanks to Saleen engineered Watts Link style suspension and Saleen designed aerodynamics.

“The Molly-Pop is like a sour candy,


  1. haha that saleen dealer is around the cornr from me. i was next to it yesterday geetting pics developed haha :D small world


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