GTspirit landing in Miami Trump International Sonesta Beach Resort

Today we caught up with Hece in Miami. After a long trip with Air France and a mandatory transfer at the worst airport in Europe: Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, we arrived at Miami International Airport. A couple security checks, luggage collecting later we got a taxi in a matter of seconds. First impression from driving in the US compared to in Europe is that here all lanes on the highway seem to have slow drivers, where in Europe the left lane always tends to go a bit faster. On the other hand undertaking with low speed differences is allowed or doesn’t seem like a serious offence while in Europe most countries will punish you harder for undertaking then robbery.

We love our customers! :D

At the Sonesta Beach Resort we caught up with Gil, former Gumballer and Carbon Black participant, who showed us around the hotel and condo tower. After the tour we checked into our room, refreshed and had a couple beers.

Tomorrow we will pick up the car and start preparing it for the Great American Run!


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