Cannonball Run Europe

Cannonball Run Europe 2007? Did it already happen? Yes!!!
This years Rally took place from the 1st July to the 6th July. Cannonball Run Europe organizers chose to do the Rally completely undercover after countless problems with the police in previous editions of the rally. Prior to the event only the start and finish cities were known. During last years Cannonball Run Europe we were informed about their whereabouts and received daily updates from the road. This year however was completely different and the organisers and participants decided to keep a low profile until after the rally finished safely back in Britain.

Is this the future of road rallies in Europe?
Tispol -the European Traffic Police Network- announced this May that they will ban all road rallies from European roads. The last edition of the Cannonball Run Europe shows that the rally organisers adapt quickly to their changing environment and similar events are most likely to be held without stickers and clearly marked routes. We don’t think this is what Tispol tried to achieve with a ban of road rallies in Europe.

Cannonball Run Europe

Cannonball Run Europe 2007

Day 1 – Start – ‘Dateline Sandown Park’
At 2.30 pm, the Cannonball Run flag was raised and then dropped by Sam’s checkpoint team. First location: Lake Garda in the Italian Alps. In a new twist, drivers have been given different routes to follow this year to each destination, a move which has several benefits. One, it is more courteous and considerate of other road users, as a smaller number of cars will be on each route, and two, it allows the drivers to see more of the beautiful roads of Europe.

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Day 2 ‘Dateline Bratislava’
The 2007 Cannonball Run Europe was gathering on the Day 2 evening in the exclusive and futuristic UFO restaurant on the Novy Most bridge here in Bratislava, in the heart of Slovakia. Friendships are being developed and stories are being swapped as drivers and co-drivers relax in luxurious surroundings ahead of their track day tomorrow. And all this whilst having the most incredible revolving view from the restaurant, seeing for almost 50 miles in all directions.


Day 3 ‘ Dateline Budapest’

Cannonballers had exclusive access to the Hungaroring in Budapest for their track day today. Cannonballers set off excitedly from the Square in Bratislava early to drive out of Slovakia, into Hungary, and to their own personal track of dreams.

Cannonball Run Europe Track Day

Fantastic times were had by all, even Jaime and Tormo who had a little accident on the track in their Ferrari F360, rearranging the bodywork into a style unique to their car, as you will see from the pictures. True to Cannonball style, everyone made sure that the boys were fine and of course they now have a story to tell!

Cannonball Europe Run Ferrari crash

Day 4 ‘Dateline Berlin’

On day 4 the circus has rolled into Berlin after a great drive from Budapest. Drivers took several routes mixing both picturesque views and the efficiency of the German motorway system! Jaime and Tormo were there already to meet us as we arrived in the German capital, having waved goodbye to their hurt Ferrari in Budapest, they flew ahead to Berlin to book themselves a hired Mercedes to complete the Run. Dinner was a French Polynesian affair in Trader Vic’s near the historic Brandenburg Gate – but that was just the beginning of the evening as many Cannonballers moved onto the AM/PM club to party on.

Day 5 ‘Antwerp’

The Cannonball Run was well on the way back towards home now with a 500 or so mile drive on day 5 from Berlin to Antwerp.
Drivers had a fairly relaxing day behind the wheel as the German and Dutch motorways took up most of the strain, with co-drivers being able to enjoy the scenery as the countries unfolded in front of them. Dinner was an almost traditional Belgian ‘steak-frites’ in the hotel before the majority of Cannonballers boarded a bus to the nightclub where they partied away.
Cannonball Run Antwerp

Day 6 – Finish – Oatlands Park, Weybridge, Surrey

The last checkpoint on the Cannonball Run Europe this year was at the Calais ferry port where drivers boarded the ferry ‘home’ to the Oatlands Park hotel to prepare for the final night party.

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And the winners are…
As everyone knows, the winner of the Cannonball Run is the one closest to a ‘target mph’ for the whole event – and most certainly not the fastest!

Cannonball Run Europe

Andy Rowe and Ashley Watt
Porsche 911 Carrera S

Michael Lacey and Roger Wood
Ford Mustang

Stuart Heade and Josie Thompson (2006 winners!)
Porsche 997

The ‘Spirit of the Cannonball Run’ trophy was won to huge acclaim from the audience by Dave Hustler and Anisa Aubin who almost unbelievably completed the whole course in their Ariel Atom!
And finally on the awards front, Jan made a special presentation to Jaime and Tormo of a new red Ferrari to replace the one they broke at the Hungaroring – sadly it was only a model one, but it was the thought that counted!

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