Lambo Gathering

We found an amazing video collection of Lamborghini enthousiasts who come together to have a nice sundaydrive around Orange County, USA. You can see LP640’s, Murcielago’s, Diablo & 6.0 s, Gallardo’s and 25th Anniversary Countach gathering for a run. Sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy!

Video 1: meeting up

Video 2: Lamborghini’s and motorcycles on the motorway

Video 3: having fun

Video 4: cruising through the canyons

Video 5: even more fun

Video 6: cars on display

Thanks to socal exotics.


  1. Every Sunday morning 7:00 am @ Fashion Island, Orange County. I’m too lazy to get up or sleeping from a party. One morning thou–i’ll get up and get over there to check them.


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