This morning the Gumballers arrived at Hahn Airport for their scheduled departure to Istanbul. The German police set up roadblocks along the route towards the airport. The Gumballers driving on the A61/E31 towards Hahn were stopped near Brohl-L├╝tzing, after a couple hours the teams and cars with Gumball stickers (including fans) got a 420 euro fine and were escorted to the airport 100 kilometers away by the police. The Gumballers that entered Germany over the A60/E42 from Belgium and ran into a roadblock near the town of Sankt Vith didn’t get away with a fine and a police escort. They were not allowed to drive any further in Germany and had to find transportation for their cars.

Luckily they were able to find some trucks and around 10 teams that got stopped there also made it to the checkpoint in time. After the Gumballers left on the passenger plane to Istanbul the German authorities however didn’t allow the Antonov planes with all the cars to take off towards Istanbul. The cars are now rerouted to Athens and the Gumballers have another flight from Istanbul to Athens tomorrow.

Team 17 and 103 made it to the checkpoint without any fines or delays by taking some B-roads, respect guys! There are not many who managed to do that. Our reporters PX and Stieben were at the Frankfurt-Hahn airport waiting for the Gumballers to take pictures and find out what was going on.

First set of pictures:

Photos by PX:


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