Team Polizei Challenge

Secret documents smuggled from Gumball HQ may explain the use of air transportation from Frankfurt to Istanbul for all drivers and cars. The previously unmapped regions to the Eastern coast of the Cooper Ocean show the terain that purportedly cannot be driven. However, Michael Ross and Alex Roy’s Team Polizei have spent many months examining images from both Google Earth and privately commissioned satellite photography. The result is the discovery of a road route that allows the unimpeded progress of a properly prepared road car through 2,000 miles of European roads directly to Istanbul. Team Polizei announces the “ISTANBALL 2000 London-Istanbul Land Speed Record Challenge”

Gumballers arriving at the Frankfurt Hahn Airport checkpoint April 30th are meant to load their cars and fly to Istanbul. Team Polizei believes “Courage is an empty plane, cowardice one full.” We invite any and all Gumballers to join us in this challenge…get to Istanbul, by land, before the Official Gumball Party there ends at approximately 4AM local time

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