Auto RAI 2007

Today was the start of the Auto RAI 2007! Thursdays the doors of the biggest carshow of the Netherlands that happens only once every two years will open for public. Until 9th of April everybody can see a range of exclusive cars. Previous editions of the Auto RAI were held in February before the Autosalon of Geneva, this year it’s held as first major carshow after the Autosalon of Geneva which means a lot of cars that made their debut in Geneva are also shown on the Auto RAI this year. Visit our Autorai gallery for all our photos!

Our highlights:

Maserati Gran Turismo:

Maserati Gran Turismo

We liked the car we first saw the photos, but in real life it’s even better. It’s an instant classic and thumbs up to Maserati for the new design. Hopefully it handles the same way it looks! It’s very sharp and great edge.

Maserati Gran Turismo

Porsche GT3 RS:

Porsche GT3 RS

Although the Porsche stand was really boring, with two versions of the facelifted Porsche Cayenne as highlight, other stands made up for it. Highlight for us was this Porsche GT3 RS brought to the Auto RAI by dutch car magazine Autovisie.

Bugatti Veyron:

Bugatti Veyron

Two Bugatti Veyrons made it to this edition of the Auto RAI. One was displayed at the stand of the Autovisie magazine we mentioned before and the other one was displayed on the stand of the biggest Bugatti, Lamborghini and Bentley dealership in the Netherlands. An absolutely stunning piece of engineering and it will definatly draw in the crowds over the coming 12 days.

Bugatti Veyron

Spyker C12 Zagato:

Spyker C12 Zagato

After recently buying an F1 team Spyker suprised us again at the Geneva Motorshow with this Spyker C12 Zagato. The Spyker C12 Zagato is a lot bigger and more mature then his smaller brother the C8.

Spyker C12 Zagato

More Spykers at their stand, left the C8 and right the D12 Peking-to-Paris:

Alfa Romeo 8C Spider:

Alfa Romeo 8C Spider

We have plenty of great convertibles to choose from this year: Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Lamborghini LP640 Roadster, Bentley CGT Convertible and many others. But the Alfa Romeo conquered a spot in our top 3 instantly and that’s not only for the beautiful girls at the Alfa Romeo stand. The design is fantastic, the spider is probably equipped with the same 4.7l V8 Maserati engine that is used in the Alfa Romeo C8 Competizione so it also promises great performance and last but not least with a very limited number of cars build there’s little chance someone in your neighbourhood will have one!

Of course there was a lot more to see then the cars we highlighted. Cars that also got our attention included the BMW M5 Touring, Maybach 62S, Ariel Atom, Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster, Bentley CGT Convertible, Aston Martin V8 Vantage convertible and the Audi R8. There was also a large amount of F1 and racecars spreaded throughout the venue.

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