La Carrera Panamericana

The Carrera Panamerican Team has allready received 17 entry forms for the 20th Anniversary of La Carrera Panamericana!
The start grid includes two cars of Discovery Channel from Joe Ramírez with Alberto Cruz.
Hans Kleissel, famous German tuner of Mercedes Benz cars specialized in 300 SL models, has asked for an entry, too. He will driving a ¨Gullwing¨, in which he participated in 2003. Last week the Panamericana staff was in the city Nuevo Laredo, invited by local authorities trying to get back the event and have the finish line there. Daniel Peña Treviño and Sergio Mora made the request and offered the infield of the Cultural Centre of this city to have a speed stage,which will be the last timed section.

La Carrera Panamericana will be held from October 26th until November 1st.

via La Carrera Panamericana


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