Lamborghini promissed it before, and now they did. They made of the LP640 a roaster. The biggest bull of the Italian passion is becomming topless.
Most roadsters lose some of their maximum speed and power, but the power is still sent to all four wheels via a six-speed manual or automatic box. The LP640 dismisses the 0-62mph sprint in 3.5sec, top speed eclipses 200mph. No changes here.

For the most of us, this is a pure dream, but a life without dreams is no life. This beauty is yours for at least 200 000 euro.

This is a worthy replacement for the Murcielago roadster Nods used to explore the rainforest in Thailand during the 2006 gumball and I don’t think there are many buyers that will fit their LP640 roadster with a Capristo exhaust as loud as Adam fitted on his LP640, that would leave them with permanent hearing damage.

Adam’s LP640 with Capristo exhaust:.

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