Bullrun Team Mosler / Hollywood Poker

Thanks to Team Mosler!

DAY 4 – BULLRUN UPDATE: CAR #06 – Hollywood Poker / TEAM MOSLER

Kansas City, KS / Great Bend Dragstrip / Vail, CO
Driver: Troy Hanson / Co-driver: Patrick (camera guy) and Justin Thompson

So the day started at an early hour and it was already unusually hot, triple digits hot. Not a good sign since the A/C was acting up. At the starting line, we received our first checkpoint at Great Bend Raceway Park, which has the longest dragstrip in North America. The ride was a few hours and the heat (ambient air) inside the cockpit was around 124 degrees, with surface temperatures exceeding 160 degrees. We had to make a few stops for water and to ice down. It was brutal. But I was really looking forward to getting the Mosler on track and despite the car never being dyno-tuned or it electronics configured I was confident we had a shot of winning the drag competition. We arrived and I was met by Michael Zigler who works at the track. I think most were eager to see the Mosler do the ¼ mile. Despite having a road racing pedigree, I’ve never been down the drag strip. After a little coaching from Michael, I was ready to take on the ¼. But first, I wanted to see how the gearing of the car was laid out and ran a 12.6 sec, next time I got to the line, ripped a .083 reaction time and had the fastest run of the day at 12.3 sec at around 122 mph. We then had some photo ops with Carl Lewis, as we held a mock race – “The first America Supercar vs. 9 time Olympic Gold Medalist. He beat the Mosler off the line, but in fine style the Mosler laid down another impressive run at 12.5 sec. After the posting the fastest time, I had a tech look at the A/C and he seemed to have fixed it, although it was just a band-aid. Behind once again, we decided to make the most of it and found a new paved (closed) road. It was just completed and had no painted line or marking. It was perfect. We laid down some high speed runs which will remain classified, let’s just say it starts with a 2##. Patrick was there to film everything. Can’t wait to see it. At some point, Justin and Tim thought we should be on our way and wee headed off to Vail. It was a hot, brutal drive and the A/C didn’t last long – we were cooking. I have to thank my trainer Stephen Bauer for everything, because the human body isn’t supposed to endure 8+ hours of 120+ degree temps. I still don’t know how I did it??? I did have to make a driver change nearing Vail, as I was clearly having a hard time driving into the night. Justin took over and we all made it into Vail for the beginning of an amazing evening.

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