Ok, I’ve been slacking… I’ve been perpetrating like I’ve been resting and gathering my wits after the Gumball 3000.

But really I’ve just been going out and meeting as many LA-types as I can. I’m here for a few months, so I figured that is the real priority.

Requisite Bunny Shot:

Bambam, me, Alex in the Grotto @ Playboy:

However, I am about to do some more traveling… first to San Diego and then to Portland to visit rally friends. Before that, the Porsche needs to go into the shop.

The Bridgestone Pole Position S-O2A’s only got about 10,000 miles on them… granted, they are mostly rally miles, but they are basically gone. I don’t know whether I’ll be getting another set of them, or the Pirellis, or the Michelins…

More importantly, I think I have a leaking radiator hose. That is a bigger issue. It probably explains why the car wasn’t 100% happy in Death Valley @ 130mph with the AC on — however, it never overheated. In fact, the car is always happy at high speed. My guess is that the 37,000 miles of vibration have finally caught up with a few connectors and they need to be tightened.

I gave Music Plus TV an interview that I will probably regret down the road. If you see me buy the company down the road, you know why.

Ron Jeremy called us (well, maybe just me) the craziest bunch he’s ever met — on camera! It was a personal highlight. Hopefully that will actually make it on the air.

Ahh, if there is only justice in the world. LOL.

I didn’t tell Dustin’s Bangkok story. I’ll let him. He tells everyone anyway. If you see him, ask him….. Its a great story.

Dustin, Tony Hawk, Me in London:

I actually got motivated to do another update because I was flipping channels after a late night at the bar and saw a familiar face in a Right Guard commercial. It was Bam. I was like “I know him!


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