Team 130

We had an interview with Dodgy of Team 130 yesterday. He’s really looking forward to do the US leg of the Gumball in his blue Noble! Read the complete Pre-Gumball 2006 interview below:

Who’s you co-driver?

“Bitty‿ – Other wise known as Jessica Kramer. Jessica is a playboy cyber girl and, besides providing refreshments, she will be responsible for map reading, police scanning and looking good while cleaning the car. Due to the complete lack of luggage space in the Noble, Jessica will be completing the Gumball in bikinis only.
You can check out more of Jessica here.

What car are you driving in this year Gumball? (Make, model, year, specs)
Noble M400, 2006. We have done a few modifications to the car. I think this will help with any heat issues in Nevada.
1. Duct System to allow extra cooling to the central tunnel
2. Lizard skin to firewall
3. Stainless steel heat shields for the intercooler and turbos
4.Heavy duty throttle cable
5.Ceramic coated exhaust system
6. Extra heat film to fuel tank
7. HKS Blow off valve
8. Bell Intercooler and fans
9. Booster plug for battery
10. Hela Horns x2 – the factory horn is a little meep meep
11. Shift light
12. Fuel Filter
13 Fuel Shut off valve
14. Zirgo digital controller
15. Stainless steel turbo drains

Do you have any special gadgets in your car?
Police Scanner
Tom Tom 0700 (Navigational Device)
Blinder MX 20 Laser Jammer
Valentine V1
The Noble does not have airbags so Jessica is providing portable ones to help meet Federal requirements. We also hope she can maximize their use to reduce the probability of getting speeding tickets.

What preparations did you take for Gumball?
We both started drinking heavily about a month ago to get our tolerance levels up.

Do you have any special outfits?
Jessica has a fantastic birthday suit.

How did you find out about the Gumball?
On the Internet years ago. It is not as well known in the US as it is in the UK but it is starting to catch on.

Why did you decide to join the craziest rally on earth?
Fast cars and faster women are a passion of mine.

What’s more important to you the driving or the partying and why?
It’s the whole experience that is important.

Are you aiming for a special Gumball award?
I hope we can win the cleanest car award on the rally. Jessica should be performing daily rub downs and will bring a few of her friends along to help. She will also be cleaning the car.

Are you competing for the win?
Yes – but I don’t want to go to jail – I don’t want anyone to weigh anchor in pooh bay.

Who’s your favorite Gumballer and why?
Ant and Pete – they seem like they are a good laugh

What’s your favorite Gumball car?
The Zonda – hands down – but it never really entered the rally did it?!

What was your first car?
1972 Scout International – no doors no roof – it was the dogs bollocks.

What car would you like to have next?
Another Scout International, a Zonda or a DB9

What’s the biggest fine you ever had?

Do you have a drivers license?

Do you think you still have one after the Gumball?
I bloody well hope so.

What do you want the fans to do when they see you?
Give Jessica shots of Jagermeister – she is a lot of fun when she drinks from the little green bottle.

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