Pirelli Reveals New Scorpion Tires for SUVs

Pirelli Scorpion Tires

Pirelli officially presented the new Scorpion tyre range designed and dedicated for SUVs. The Scorpion tires are specifically developed to cater for the heavier weight, high center of gravity and unique mechanics and driving dynamics of modern SUV vehicles.

The new range of scorpion tyres transfer many technological innovations introduced by Pirelli in the new Cinturato to the SUV world, as a result, the scorpion tyre range features the most modern technology with the ability to adapt themselves to the performance of the vehicle.

The Scorpion range has the highest number of homologations for electric or plug-in hybrid cars in the entire Pirelli portfolio, the tyres can be recognized by the ‘Elect’ marking on the sidewall and optional extras including Pirelli Noise Canceling System (PNCS) which reduces the road noises and helps the driver to continue traveling even with a puncture will also be available.

The Scorpion range has been Pirelli’s ‘Eco Safety’ design approach aimed to combine low environmental impact with best performance and safety through short braking distances, higher grip and improved stability.

The Scorpion range tyres also reduce fuel consumption or battery consumption, they are quieter and more durable compared to previous generation of tyres thanks to the use of new tread compounds with new materials in the structure and the development of innovative tread pattern which ensures long lasting performance.

The technical characteristics of the upgraded range were presented today, the upgraded range included; Summer Scorpion, Scorpion All Season SF2 and the new Scorpion Winter 2.

The new tyre range has been awarded its Performance Mark by TUV SUD after thorough tests. The latest Pirelli Scorpion summer tyres also feature a new asymmetrical tread pattern which improves the braking on both dry and wet surfaces. The new summer tyres are currently available in Europe in 26 sizes from 18 to 21 inches with more than 48 homologations including for electric vehicles.

Additionally, the Scorpion range aims to achieve more than 400 original equipment homologations with more than 50% for the latest electric vehicle.



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