The exclusive Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA has officially been sold out. The collector’s car was presented to the press last May and was limited to 500 units only which have now been sold all over the world including China, Japan and Australia.

The present-day Giulia GTA is a tribute to the 1965 Giulia GTA. The Auto Delta team worked on the project in an unconventional way with the aim of bringing a memorable chapter in the history of Alfa Romeo back to life.

The affinities have been extended to the technical side of the project as well in aerodynamic components i.e in terms of ‘alleggerimento’ ( lighting), both the vehicles feature specific design cues on the door handles, windows and wheels which are made of alloy magnesium inspired by Formula 1. Additionally, the vehicle has also been equipped with one of the most advanced aerodynamic components in Europe.

Alfa Romeo will open a reserve list for any customer still interested in purchasing a Guilia GTA incase of any cancellation.

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