Following the cancellation of the Geneva Motor Show 2020, we thought it might be helpful to bring together a list of manufacturers alternative plans. There are, after all, a huge number of world premieres to be released, it would be a shame to avoid these releases entirely!

Thankfully, most manufacturers have announced alternative plans. While they might not be able to present these cars to us in person, many do instead plan to make use of the internet for a virtual release instead.


Aiways U6ion

We haven’t yet managed to get any concrete information on Aiways plans. We will update you once we know something!

Aston Martin

Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin were one of the first to announce plans. CEO Dr Andy Palmer released a statement confirming that it would present its vehicles at a press conference to be streamed from its Gaydon HQ next Wednesday at 8 am.


Audi Geneva Motor Show 2020

Audi also plans a digital launch for its new Audi A3 and Audi e-tron S prototype. In a press release, the German manufacturer confirmed:

“40 years ago the quattro drive celebrated its world premiere. Follow the next level on March 3 at 9:50 am CET: quattro goes electric. Audi broadcasts the world premieres of the Audi A3 Sportback and the prototype of the Audi e-tron S here on Audi MediaTV.”

The conference will be available to stream, here.

BAC Mono

BAC Mono 2

BAC very quickly announced its plans on Twitter. They were planning the release of the second-generation Mono. That release will now happen in the UK with a press conference announced to take place at 9:15 am on Tuesday 3 March. It’s not yet clear whether this will be streamed, however, it is clear that if you live near Liverpool you will have an opportunity to see the Mono 2 at the BAC Innovation Centre.


Bentley Bacalar Teaser 2

Much like the rest of the Volkswagen Group, Bentley plans to release its latest as part of a streamed press conference. Logistics have not yet been sorted and we are waiting for further information. The Bentley Bacalar was due for a release at 7:30 on 03 March 2020.


BMW i4 Concept

BMW was also quick to make alternative arrangements. The information has not yet been widely publicised (it was added as a header to BMW’s latest press release), however, the Bavarian giant confirms as follows:

“Due to the current situation, the Geneva International Motor Show 2020 has been cancelled. While we certainly understand this decision, we also regret that the fair cannot take place as usual.

The BMW Group will carry out the program planned for Geneva including the world premiere of the BMW Concept i4 at a digital press conference with CEO Oliver Zipse in Munich at the originally scheduled time (Tuesday, March 3, 2020, 8.15 a.m. CET) and broadcast it via live stream. Further details concerning the live broadcast will follow as soon as possible.”


Black Bugatti Chiron

Radio silence from Bugatti which probably means that they are still working on a solution. If the brand has a surprise for us then we expect that their conference will be streamed in the same way as the other Volkswagen Group brands. If it does not then Bugatti might decide not to. As soon as we know, we will update you.

UPDATE: We are hearing that Bugatti will not unveil their Geneva world premiere digitally but will wait for a physical motor show. With the cancellation of the Beijing Auto Show 2020, the New York Auto Show 2020 seems a likely candidate.


Czinger has gone quiet. Comments posted on its Facebook page suggest that the launch of its Czinger 21C will look past the Geneva Motor Show 2020. The next big event that the team have planned is the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2020…


Ferrari Roma

It’s not entirely clear what Ferrari was planning to present at Geneva this year. There is no information on what they will do instead. This tends to suggest that they hadn’t planned a world premiere, however, it is still early days!


Fisker CES 2020 Preview

Another manufacturer yet to confirm alternative plans.

Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne

Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne

Another manufacturer yet to confirm alternative plans.


Koenigsegg Geneva 2020

We were expecting Koenigsegg to present some very interesting new releases. There is no official word yet, however, Koenigsegg has confirmed that it is looking at making other arrangements.


Lexus LC Convertible

The entire Toyota group has yet to react to the cancellation of the Geneva Motor Show 2020. Once it does, we expect Lexus will follow whatever Toyota decides to do. Lexus had only European premiers and so they might choose to forego a press conference.


McLaren Geneva 2020 Press Conference

McLaren has a new release to show at the Geneva Motor Show 2020. In a press release, it confirmed:

“Following the cancellation of the Geneva International Motor Show, McLaren Automotive will be holding a press conference on Tuesday March 3, commencing at 08:30 GMT (09:30 CET). The conference, which will be led by McLaren Automotive CEO, Mike Flewitt, will centre on the global reveal of a sensational new McLaren supercar. Additional product news and a business update will also feature.”

The conference will be streamed, here.


Another industry behemoth, it didn’t take long for Mercedes-Benz to release information about what it plans to do instead. It says:

“After the cancellation of the 2020 Geneva International Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz will digitally present the highlights of its numerous premieres of this spring. The scheduled executive talk regarding the world premiere of the new E-Class with Daimler AG board members Ola Källenius, Britta Seeger and Markus Schäfer is being moved to a studio in Stuttgart, Germany. The digital Mercedes-Benz Press Conference will be broadcast on Tuesday, March 3rd at 8:45 a.m. on the media platform Mercedes me media.

Beside the comprehensively updated and upgraded E-Class, the focus is on the continuous electrification of Mercedes-Benz models – featuring various new members of the compact car hybrid family as well as new engine variants with integrated starter generator (ISG) and 48-volt technology.”

The conference will be available to stream, here.


As far as we are aware, Pagani had not planned world premieres for the Geneva Motor Show 2020. We do not, therefore, expect that they will announce any alternative plans.


Pininfarina Battista Anniverario

Another manufacturer yet to confirm alternative plans.


The Turbo and Turbo S models were both expected to debut. Porsche has confirmed:

“Porsche is launching into the 2020 automotive calendar with a spectacular innovation: As the 90th Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) has been cancelled, the sports car manufacturer will showcase the new range-topper of the 911 series for unprecedented power, driving dynamics and comfort with a live stream premiere.

The presentation will take place on 3 March at 10:10 a.m. (CET). The event will be hosted by former Formula 1 driver and Porsche brand ambassador Mark Webber and screened live in English and Chinese:”

The conference will be available to stream, here.


Rimac Geneva 2020

Rimac’s initial reaction was as follows:

“We were all set and ready to go, but unfortunately the Geneva Motor Show was cancelled due to Coronavirus. The determination and passion of our team over the last few weeks to finalise everything for the event have been amazing, and we’re disappointed to not be able to show you the results just yet. But, we have the health of our team and the visitors to bear in mind. Show or no show, we’ll share our news soon!”

Needless to say, if we hear anything further, we will share it with you.


Vega Geneva 2020 Statement

A first time Geneva Motor Show 2020 entrant, Vega had the following to say:

“We are disappointed that Coronovirus forces the cancellation of the Geneva Motor Show 2020. Years of strategizing, and months of planning got the Vega EVX to Geneva in the hopes of been unveiled in front of the world media. The event may have been cancelled, but our goals and aspirations haven’t changed one bit. We have successfully developed a ground up electric super car, while she proudly sits in her elegant stall awaiting to be unveiled pending final decision. She bears the aspirations of a dedicated team, and the hopes of a country!”


Last but certainly not least, Volkswagen plans a digital launch for its Golf GTI, GTD and GTE models as well as the Toureg R. It released a statement confirming:

“Volkswagen welcomes the decision of the Geneva State Council to cancel this year’s Geneva Motor Show. This is a decision in the interests of the health and safety of all participants and employees. As an alternative to the originally scheduled press conference on Tuesday, March 3rd, at 9.10 am, the Volkswagen brand will showcase its automotive innovations in an online stream.

Ralf Brandstätter, Chief Operating Officer of the Volkswagen Brand, and Dr. Frank Welsch, Member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars Brand with responsibility for Technical Development, will be presenting the new Touareg R with plug-in hybrid technology and the eighth generation of the Golf GTI for the very first time. The event will be streamed on Further transmission details to follow shortly.”

The conference will be available to stream, here.

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