Bugatti recently announced that the 200th Chiron had left the production line. The model in question was a Sport “110 ans Bugatti” version, one of just 20 examples.

It has taken Bugatti a little over two years to reach the milestone. During its first year of production, Bugatti delivered 70 cars, increasing to 76 during its second year. This year, Bugatti expects to break the 80 car mark.

Those figures are staggering when you consider the amount of work that goes into creating the Chiron. It takes an average of six months to build a Chiron, using approximately 1,800 parts. Bugatti has a team of around 20 employees involved in the labour intensive process.

The €2.4 million hypercar is expected to see a 500 car production run. In its press release Bugatti confirmed that 400 of those cars are spoken for already. Perhaps this leaves some space for a slew of special editions?

The Bugatti Chiron Sport “110 ans Bugatti” Edition commemorates the company’s 110th anniversary. The special edition uses the colour scheme of the French tricolour “Le Bleu-Blanc-Rouge” through the exterior and interior. It’s not known how much of a premium these vehicles command over the standard Chiron Sport.

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  1. I use to be a huge Bugatti fan…In my eyes there was no other hyper car that could come close to Bugatti..I mean a W16 quad turbo engine that produce over 1000kw@1500/1600nm.Then Koenigsegg came along with a twin turbo V8 engine that produce similar power and torque???Wernt the Bugatti suppose to have twice the power and torque of the koenigsegg not to mention the new koenigsegg jeso the world’s first mega car was Bugatti not suppose to built the world’s first mega car…after all VW has more money than koenigsegg and they are way bigger than koenigsegg and it all started with them.The Veron the car that broke the McLaren’s record that stood for so long.I think VW and Bugatti started chasing money and lost there passion.


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