Ferrari’s hybrid line-up is about to get one prancing horse richer with the addition of a new model on May 31st. Ferrari has done an excellent job at keeping a low profile for its new car, which has inevitably led to the rumour mill churning at full speed. Rumour has it that the upcoming “Super Ferrari” will be a 986 horsepower hybrid V8. The hybrid model’s base price is allegedly set at €600,000.

With invitations sent out to guests by Ferrari, there is a legitimate basis to believe Ferrari is planning to lift the veil off a new model – which will be the second of five new vehicles it plans to debut in 2019, (the first vehicle launched this year by the Italian manufacturer was the F8-Tributo). In total, Ferrari plans for 15 new cars by 2022 – 60% of which will be hybrids.
During a recent quarterly earnings conference call, CEO Louis Camilleri stated that the new car will be “a top-of-the-line hybrid with supercar performance and a true beauty” that would sit “above the 812 superfast”.
Should the new car live up to the hype once revealed, then it will exceed even the LaFerrari in power output. Some speculators believe the electrification will come in the form of three electric motors – a sensible expectation as this allows for torque vectoring at the wheels, making the behemoth powerhouse easier to drive.

The new car, dubbed a “range-topping hybrid” by Ferrari officials, will not be a limited-run model and will instead have a regular production cycle. It’s rumored Ferrari has both V6 and V8 hybrid powertrains under development, with company bosses claiming “the V6 [hybrid] helps us offer a different approach and allows us to father a larger family without losing performance.” Rumours of the upcoming model being unveiled at the end of May are thus credible, evermore considering Mr. Camilleri has said that over half of the Ferrari lineup with be offered with a hybrid trim option by 2022.

Whilst other manufacturers by the likes of Porsche and Pininfarina are jumping into the electric vehicle revolution with both feet by developing fully electric supercars, Ferrari is merely testing the waters. Two of the archetypal features in any Ferrari – its soundtrack and performance – are strongly impacted by the electrification. For this reason, company CTO Michael Hugo stated that it will only be “studying” electrification for now, ruling out a full-electric Ferrari for the short run.

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