A recent trip to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show reminded us just how good the Lexus LC sounds. Just in time for the release of the Lexus LC Convertible Concept this week at the Detroit Motor Show 2019!

Before you get too excited, for now, this is just a Concept. Lexus are testing the market, working out whether there is a profit to be made from chopping the top from its understated LC sports car. The result is jaw dropping.

The LC Convertible Concept has been released with very little fanfare. Lexus’ press release was remarkably short for good reason. The shape of this thing does all of the talking!

Long, low and lean, the LC Convertible concept retains the proportions of the LC coupe. Tailored seats and a superb Japanese, minimalist interior only add to the desire with crisp white leather trim and yellow accent stitching.

The combination of short overhangs, 22-inch wheels and a wide stance hint at the powertrain that hides underneath. The 5.0 litre V8 which powers the LC Coupe to the tune of 471 hp is the only real option for such a convertible. The 3.5 litre hybrid engine does not belong in this package!

With low demand for the Lexus LC in Europe, and moderate demand in the US. It seems as though the US market will be where the Lexus LC Convertible concept gets the biggest reception. Hopefully they decide to take the plunge. It looks stunning!

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