CES 2019 was filled with cool innovations as usual, and this year saw the presence of robots increase including pet robots. Next level TVs including one that rolls like a carpet from LG, foldable phones which are market ready as well as flying cars, bikes and taxis. What’s there not to love? Here is our top 10 list of the coolest innovations at CES 2019.

1. Hyundai Elavate

This car has different modes of locomotion including spider crawling, walking and more. Forget your typical 4×4 with low range gear and what not, this Hyundai will climb mountains like a Walia Ibex on the Ethiopian mountains. The video even shows how useful it can be, and it could become the next must have equipment in a fire station or rescue station.

2. Bell Nexus

A flying taxi. Looks more like a more advanced helicopter.

3. Mercedes-Benz Vision Urbanetic

Another cool autonomous concept from Mercedes. This time, the Vision Urbanetic doubles both as a people carrier and goods carrier. All this can be done by switching between modules.

4. Boss Shuttle Bus

Bosch Shuttle CES 2019

5. Byton M-BYTE

Byton is back at CES with a market ready version of it’s M-Byte. This car has the largest display screen ever fitted on a car, the size of 7 iPads or 3 Tesla Model S screens. Market launch will start in China later this year.

6. Hoverbike

This one was shown earlier in Dubai, and will become part of the Dubai Police fleet. It made it’s North American debut at CES 2019.

7. Audi Aicon

The Aicon is Audi’s autonomous vehicle revealed back in 2017. Audi says they will have a market ready based on the Aicon study in 2021. This car has no steering wheel or pedals.

Audi Aicon

8. Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow

Mercedes showcases their power of design through the EQ Silver Arrow, mixing the past and the present. Expect future hypercars to share this design language. The AMG One is just the beginning, there should be an EQ hypercar sometime in future.

9. Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle (AWV)

The Honda AWV will work on construction sites, quarries, and farms without a driver…like the Audi Aicon or Mercedes Urbanetic..only this time on extreme landscapes.

10. Birdly VR

The Birdly VR has been with us for a while, this is the best flying VR money can buy, the improvements were brought to CES 2019.

Here are some more for you…

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