The Toyota Supra is due to be unveiled next month at the Detroit Motor Show 2019. It is no secret that the sports car has been developed as part of a joint project with BMW. The sister car of the collaboration, the new BMW Z4, has already been released. Toyota have managed to keep a relatively tight seal on the final design of its production road car until recently.

Photos have leaked over the past few days which appear to show the final production model loaded into a trailer. A single photo shows the front fascia of the sports car. It reveals the nose cone which comes to a point at the very front of the car. Three lower air vents let plenty of air into that front mounted engine and a set of air intakes, below the lights, presumably feed air into the braking system. The photos also appear to show vents behind the front fenders.

Toyota FT1 Concept

While the photos confirm that the Supra will look very similar to the prototype model Toyota released some time ago, they do not confirm the specifications. We will have to wait until January for official information, however, we understand that the Supra will get a BMW-sourced turbocharged 3.0-litre inline six with around 340 hp. Toyota are likely to add additional power options after the launch of the initial inline six.

With the launch of the Supra, Toyota are hoping to steal market share from cars like the Porsche Cayman. It will have a keener racing focus than the Porsche which will no doubt appeal to many. It has stiff competition from the recently released Alpine A110.

We will be live at the Detroit Motor Show 2019, full official information should be available when this kicks off in January.

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