It looks like Audi might soon place itself in direct competition with Mercedes-Benz. Rumours have started circulating which suggest that the German brand will resurrect the Horch badge to compete with Mercedes-Maybach.

Horch is a direct ancestor of the present day Audi company. The badge was last used on a production model in 1932, 8 years after the 1932 merger of Horch, Audi, DKW and Wanderer which created the modern day Audi brand. The Horch brand had a reputation for its innovative use of technology and had a higher-class image than Audi.

Reports are circulating that suggest when Audi refresh the Audi A8 in 3 years time, the Horch badge could be applied to the top of the range V8 and W12 models. It is suggested that the Horch would not be a stand-alone brand but rather a trim level, aligned with the rest of the A8 range.

The current Audi A8 does not use the W12 engine, although reports have suggested that Audi have a version ready to bring to market. If the Horch brand does receive a revival, expect a 585 bhp 6.0-litre W12 unit to provide the power.

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