The above photo, shot by Gian Marco Brutti, shows the latest special edition Pagani Zonda Aether. Details are scarce at the moment, although we do know that the Aether was commissioned by the owner of the one-off Ferrari SP38 revealed last week.

The custom Zonda has been in the works since at least December 2017. It features a combination of matte and gloss carbon fibre with red accents. It features many parts from the Zonda Cinque catalogue including the overhead air intake and the side air intakes.

We suspect it features the 760 hp power upgrades although some sources suggest that 800 hp is a possibility. The interior appears very similar to the exterior, lots of black leather and alcantara with red accented stitching.

Other custom features include door straps instead of the normal door handles, a unique audio headset and a green push-button starter lifted from the Zonda R.

The Pagani Zonda Aether is currently taking part in the Pagani Radundo, the annual Pagani owners meeting. It joins several other Pagani Zonda one-off models.

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  1. I saw this car at the Pagani factory in October 2017, and from what I remember the car looked finished or nearly finished.


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