Porsche’s surprise reveal for the Geneva Motor Show 2018 is the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo! An all-wheel drive electric SUV concept, Porsche is gauging customer reaction to a Tesla Model X rival.

The Concept is just that for now, although Porsche are investigating whether it would be viable to offer it. It looks pretty far advanced in the production pipe-line to us. It builds upon the Mission E design study presented in 2015.

Visually, the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo looks very similar to the Panamera Sport Turismo. It measures 4.95 metres in length and adds off road styling cues, thick wheel arch trims and huge off-road wheels for example. Other styling cues are quite clearly inspired by the 911 and other classic Porsche models.

The Mission E Cross Turismo features an innovative four-point indicator system and Porsche X-Sight technology applied to the front headlights.

Power comes from two permanent magnet synchronous motors which produce more than 600 hp. 100 km/h blasts past in 3.5 seconds, 200 km/h in 12 seconds. The concept vehicle gets all wheel drive and torque vectoring. When it comes to charging, the Mission E Cross Turismo can be charged using induction, at a charging station or using Porsche’s home energy storage system. The Lithium-ion battery has a range of 250 miles, charged in just 15 minutes.

The chassis includes adaptive air suspension which increases ground clearance by 50 millimetres and all wheel steering to help with agility. Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) helps with stability.

Inside, the backrest of each individual rear seat has a load-through facility. Each backrest also folds down independently for maximum flexibility.

The interior is completely redesigned with a wing-shaped upper and lower dash. An extra-wide display for the driver and front passenger is the highlight with a freestanding instrument cluster angled towards the driver. Edges are finished in Nordic Blue and the seats feature illuminated Porsche lettering. A unique feature of the MMI experience is the driver display with eye tracking control which brings the display the driver is looking at to the foreground of the display.

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