Following in the footsteps of the McLaren P1, the McLaren Senna will get a GTR variant! The news have been announced this morning a McLaren’s surprise unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show 2018. The British ‘no rules’ hypercar will have a greater track focus that even the McLaren Senna itself. Just 75 examples will be produced at a cost of £1 million plus local taxes.

McLaren are promising that the Senna GTR will produce the fastest lap times of any McLaren outside of Formula 1. The GTR model will get higher levels of downforce and increased power to allow it to achieve this. For now, McLaren are inviting expressions of interest with the model on display a pure concept. Full details should be revealed later this year and production won’t start until the 500 road cars have been produced.

At the heart of the McLaren Senna GTR will sit the familiar V8 twin-turbocharged V8, the GTR should benefit from an additional 25 hp pushing the total up to 825 hp. Revisions to the transmission, revised double wishbone suspension and Pirelli tyres should aid setup for the track. The additional aero is said to generate a staggering 1,000 kg of downforce.

That aero package consists of a new larger front splitter, a larger rear diffuser, a lower rear deck – the lowest of any McLaren – and a closer outer skin for the door. Customers will get a polycarbonate ‘ticket’ window. It’s safe to say that it looks the part. The front and side sills make it look as though the entire car sits on one solid plank of carbon fibre!

There are no further details, we have no performance figures, technical specs or market availability data. The likelihood is that the Senna GTR will be oversubscribed so you should register your interest early if you want one. We’re hoping that McLaren will offer road-legalisation through Lanzante like it did with the P1 GTR but there is no official word on that either. For now, enjoy these images of a wild Senna GTR Concept!

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