Classic Porsche’s are big business these days. The values have spot up as the company goes from strength to strength with its current model range. To ensure Porsche continues to cater to its classic owners, it has been developing a range of retro-fit options. The latest is an innovative anti-theft protection.

Porsche is now offering GPS-assisted monitoring for all classic models. The retrofit option will allow owners of Porsche classics to take advantage of the anti-theft protection a modern Porsche customer would enjoy in a modern vehicle.

The “Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System” features an autonomous sensor package concealed at discrete points on the vehicle. The device communicates with a security network that covers the whole of Europe. The system fits a diverse range of Porsche models from the 356 to the Carrera GT.

If the battery is disconnected on a vehicle that is being monitored, or if the vehicle is stolen, a free app will send an alarm alert to the international security centre and to the customer. If the owner confirms unauthorised access, the relevant authorities are informed and the security centre uses the integrated GPS sensor to identify the location of the vehicle. A wireless command function is also available to immobilise the vehicle remotely.

Porsche Classic Partners and Porsche Centres will get the system from spring 2018. For now it is exclusive to Europe. Installation of the system is carried out by Porsche Centres, some earlier models will require an optional voltage converter.

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