More than 1,000hp produced by a 1.6-liter V6, four electric motors, an automated 8-speed manual gearbox, 0-200 km/h in less than 6 seconds and over 350 km/h top speed: That is what you get when the engineers from Affalterbach aim to bring F1 technology to the street. The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE’s driving dynamics could beat everything the street has ever seen to date.

Two of the four electric motors are mounted on the front axle, one at the crankcase and the last but certainly not least is used to spin the turbo. This hypercar’s technical setup knows no match outside of motorsport. The small V6 spins up to 11,000 rpm – unheard of for a road car. We are excited to hear the V6 deliver it’s sound track for the first time through the massive center mounted exhaust.

Photo Gallery: Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Hypercar at IAA 2017

EQ Power+

The two brand new e-motors at the front axle spin up to 50,000 rpm and thanks to torque vectoring promise exceptional traction and power through corners. The high-voltage EQ Power+ drive system uses 800 volts instead of the usual 400 volts which allows for smaller cable diameters to safe additional weight.

A full carbon fibre monocoque can welcome two people. The design is inspired by F1 and combines form and function. “The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE is the hottest and coolest car we have ever designed. It combines our design philosophy of Sensual Purity with the performance of our Formula 1 racing cars and is the perfect embodiment of Performance Luxury,” says Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler AG.

The roof is dominated by an air intake derived from Formula 1 – essential to provide the engine with large volumes of air. It transitions into a shark fin that aids stability during high speed cornering. The front lights sit at the center of the bonnet which looks a bit odd at first sight. The doors open butterfly style.

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Hypercar IAA 2017

The interior is very futuristic and kept as clean as possible with a wing-like dashboard that seems to float. Two 10 inch displays, one in front of the driver and one in the center console display all driver relevant information. The steering wheel is shaped like a F1 steering wheel with flat top and bottom and comes with two control switches to change drive modes. The carbon fibre racing seats have a fixed position but the pedals can be adjusted to get the optimal driving position. There are small stowage compartments behind the seats. The rear view mirror has been replaced with a small screen that projects the view from a camera for improved rear visibility.

The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE is limited to 275 cars and the majority of the Mercedes-AMG hypercars have been allocated already. The price tag is 2,275,000 euro excluding tax. But that is a small price to pay for the only street legal F1 car in the world!

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  1. Straight to the point.. How can you say it’s an F1 car for the road? Ferrari did that with the F50. Fu…. up! Certainly it’s going to be fast around a track! BUT probably not faster than an Porsche Carrera Cup racer of the same making year! 20-25 seconds/lap of pace from F1 vehicles dependence on the track lengths!


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