Another day, another supercar lost. This week a matte black Lamborghini Aventador suffered heavy damage in a collision involving two other cars. The accident occurred as the driver of the Aventador tried to overtake a car, lost control over the wheel, grazed the car, then hit a third car, and finally came to a stop over a ditch. It sounds chaotic, but then again Lamborghini’s have always been known for causing some drama!

By the looks of it, the Aventador managed to get some air time, flying over the grey Proton Persona before landing in the ditch. Fortunately, all drivers walked away in one piece, reporting only minor injuries. Local police claimed the incident was “nothing out of the ordinary”, and that the incident gained attention only because of the luxurious Lamborghini.

This goes against initial reports that the driver of the Aventador was the underage son of an influential local politician, driving without a valid license. These claims have been denied by the police: “the driver of the Lamborghini, as did all the other drivers involved in the accident, had a valid license”.

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