An automotive legend, icon and hero celebrates its 30th birthday in 2017 – the Ferrari F40. In a world of LaFerraris, P1s and 918s the Ferrari F40 is still as talked about, dreamt about and drooled over and for good reason. The F40 is to the 80s and 90s what the latest generation of hypercars is to us now. For many, todays modern, safe and tech dominated supercars can never hold a candle to the F40 and its bare carbon, manual transmission, focused driving experience. A real car for real men, get it wrong and it will hurt and bite you. Traction control? ABS? What are those?

The Porsche 959 used to be the fastest car in the world. 1987 rolled by, and Ferrari released its answer to the 959; the Ferrari F40. Its 2.9 liter IHI twin-turbo charged V8 produced 478hp under 16psi of boost. This immense amount of power was routed to the rear wheels through a five-speed manual gear box. This meant that the reign of the Porsche 959 as the speed king was halted to an end, because the Ferrari F40 penetrated the 200mph mark with a claimed top speed of 201mph.

GTspirit photographer Keno Zache recently shot a flawless and stunning F40 example that shows why the F40 is also thought to be one of the prettiest and most desirable Ferraris ever to leave Maranello.

Ferrari F40 (18)

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