Renault breathes new life into its sports car brand Alpine and revealed the new Alpine A110 at the Geneva Motor Show 2017. The Alpine A110 is by far the most exciting premiere to come from France and we went to have a detailed look at the brand new sports car.

As expected it is Renault-Nissan’s 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that will power the new Alpine A110. The engineers from Alpine have collaborated with Renault Sport to equip the four-cylinder engine with a new turbocharger and exhaust system, as well as a revised motor management module.

The 7-speed automatic DCT by Getrag is responsible for shifting gears. A maximum output of 252 horsepower and 320 Nm of torque will launch the two-door lightweight (1,080 kg) coupé from 0-100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds. The car’s top speed is set at 250 km/h and drivers get to choose between three driving modes: normal, sport and track.

The aerodynamics on the Alpine A110 are a form of art. A completely flat bottom and nicely sculpted rear diffuser will push the coupé down on the road making a rear spoiler redundant. The on-road handling characteristics benefit from the mid-engine position just in front of the rear axle, and the fuel tank placed just behind the front axle, creating a near ideal weight distribution.

Further contributing to the car’s weight efficiency are an array of lightweight components such as Brembo brakes, Otto Fuchs wheels and bucket seats that just weigh over 13 kilograms. The minimalistic interior of the Alpine is mainly characterized by a mix of luxury and sporty materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber and nappa leather.

Production of the Alpine A110 will take place in the French city Dieppe, where Alpine traditionally built its sports cars since 1969. The first batch of Alpine A110’s will amount to 1,955 examples, a clear reference to the year 1955 in which Jean Rédélé founded the brand. The première edition will boast blue, black and white lacquers, and include 18-inch wheels, carbon fiber accents inside, aluminum pedals and numbered badging.

Availability of the A110 is likely to increase soon after, depending on how well the car is received. Deliveries will commence at the end of this year, while the UK and Japan will have to wait until next year to get their right-hand drive variants. Little has been released about pricing, although we do know that the Alpine A110 Première edition has a price tag starting at €58,500 in France including taxes.

Geneva Motor Show 2017 GTspirit

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