This is the 2017 Ferrari F1 challenger, the SF70h whose name reflects the company’s 70th anniversary celebrations taking place this year. It’s the 63rd F1 car designed by Scuderia Ferrari to compete in Formula 1 championship.

The 2017 regulations have given designers and engineers a little bit of freedom, and as such the cars look quite different from the predecessors. Given that the new rules allow for more aerodynamic freedom, the SF70h gets a new front wing, floor and diffuser. A new arrow shaped wing and a fin on the engine cover are also part of the new changes, the roll-hoop feeding air to the engine also gets a new design. Gestione Sportiva group were in charge of the new aerodynamic design changes.

Mechanical changes include redesigned hubs and wheel nuts as well as the braking systems and power steering. The 2017 Pirelli tires are wider by 6cm at the front and 8cm at the rear. Altogether, the new cars will benefit from increased performance and overall grip. The new 062 power unit has also been redesigned to equal the increased physical loads. Cars will spend 10% more time in full throttle per lap, thanks to a 5% increase in race fuel allowance.


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