Four Seasons recently announced an exclusive driving package named En Route to la Dolce Vita. The package offers customers an opportunity to see the French and Italian coast line from the idyll of a 1960’s classic car.

The program runs from three Four Seasons properties in Cap-Ferrat, Milan and Florence. The Four Seasons Hotel Milano, Four Seasons Hotel Firenze and Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, A Four Seasons Hotel. The driving package can be booked at the point of reservation.

The exclusive road trip is pretty unique. Four Seasons bill it as proving guests the possibility to reconnect with the “art of travel”. The hotel group suggests stop-offs in Portofino; Finalborgo, an ancient Middle Ages village on the hills of Liguria; or Modena and Parma.

Guests at any of the above hotels will have a choice of cars including a 1961 Giulietta Spider, a Mercedes-Benz 190 SL Cabrio and a Porsche 356 Speedster. Upon arrival, the hotel will provide a quick familiarisation presentation, a personalised itinerary highlighting points of interest, restaurants and more along the way and a suggested itinerary.

Once on the road, guests enjoy on the road assistance from a second car which provides road and mechanical support, valet parking and car cleaning, a refuelling service and luggage service. If the weather is bad, there is a backup option of switching to a modern car!

Prices start from 2,700 euros plus VAT, one way with the 1961 Giulietta Spider, from Four Seasons Hotel Milano to Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, or from Four Seasons Hotel Milano to Grand-Hôtel du Cap Ferrat, A Four Seasons Hotel. 350 km mileage is included, as are hotel rates.

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