When a new luxury car comes out, everyone wants a piece of the action, no matter what their budget. Case and point is this Bentley Bentayga replica spotted in Iowa, United States. It looks to have been built upon a Toyota Venza, a five-seater crossover sold exclusively to eht US market.

The replica receives a new rear facia with Bentley-styled lights, a Bentley badge and seemingly very little else, while the front gets a faux Bentley grille which seems to emulate the Bentley Continental GT Supersport more than the Bentayga. It features vertical air intakes together with bonnet vents.

Badging is completed replaced with Bentley emblems while the wheels also appear to have been lifted directly from a Continental GT. It’s a mixture of Bentley models in truth, although the fact that the bodywork has been applied to a Toyota Venza means that the end result looks nothing like either the Continental GT or the Bentayga!

The Bentley Bentayga has so far been a resounding success for Bentley. It features a W12 engine and is soon to launch with a diesel V8, petrol V8 and possibly even a plug-in hybrid. It seems likely that this replica uses none of those engines and instead, sticks with either a 2.7 litre inline 4 or a 3.5 litre V6…

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