BMW’s contribution to the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 was the BMW i Inside Future. You would be forgiven for thinking that it was a collaboration with IKEA, or that BMW had revolutionised the storage of irregular sized books; it hasn’t. Instead, BMW has created a design concept which demonstrates its future approach to interior design while

The BMW iInside Future Concept is said to reveal a vision of an interior whose architecture and user interface are adapted for fully automated driving. The company currently offers a range of assistance technologies including the Head-Up Display, BMW iDrive, voice control and BMW gesture control. BMW is slowly moving in the direction of autonomous driving too.

The BMW i Inside Future sculpture showcases BMW HoloActive Touch. The system uses a holographic screen projected above the centre console with an advanced version of BMW’s gesture control. The is able to use finger movements to control the screen with ultrasound pulses ensuring physical contact is not necessary.

The concept also uses BMW Connected Window. An updated version of the BMW Connected system which uses a large screen which allows users to plan and organise their travel and mobility plans based on road and traffic information from BMW’s Open Mobility Cloud.

It is an interesting concept and has generated plenty of attention!

BMW i Inside Future (1)

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