Your chance to own a Lexus LFA, one of the most praised cars the Japanese premium brand ever brought to market, now got this much bigger. This is the cheapest example we have come across so far and it seems to be in great condition.

Whether it is the howling V10 engine or its breathtaking design that intrigues you, most car fans will agree that the Lexus LFA is one of the most desirable cars of the past decade. This Obsidian black example was first registered in 2012 and has recently been put up for sale in the state of Florida at a price of ‘just’ $269,000.

The LFA in question has seen plenty of road action and ranked up just over 31,000 miles in the past four years. A ‘guilt-free’ exotic that is meant to be driven and comes with a price tag that is just a steal.

Specs on the inside show black Alcantara leather with a red leather trim and a host of other complementarities. Best about the LFA is of course its 4.8-liter V10 engine that produces 552 hp at 8,700 rpm. Power is routed to the rear wheels via the car’s six-speed automatic transmission.

Only 150 examples have originally been built for the US market, and this particular car bears #032. Statistics show that even though the average price of LFAs offered for sale in the US over the past couple of months significantly decreased, this Lexus LFA offered by still sits $55,000 below the current average that all other LFAs are offered for.

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  1. 32k miles on an exotic is like 100,000+ on a regular car. I know a dealer where I live that has a 2012, most of the desirable options, 2500 miles, never been titled, 320k. I’d rather pony up a little extra cash for something like that

  2. To the idiot that left the comment above, there is zero comparison to the LFA and the nsx, first off the nsx was built before, next lexus specifically built the LFA to show the world they can complete at that level, and to compare a American junk car to lexus is a complete joke, plus the Lfa is faster than the junk gt,

  3. Right. But when it’s auction time, the Ford fanatics will bid GT’s to the moon. I don’t think there are near as many Toyota/Lexus crazies out there. AND, the new Ford just won Le Mans! WHAT has the LFA won? Bupkis.

  4. and to add to this the all new msg just came out in 2017 and it has beaten records the LFA has not as well as the ford Gt that has also just come out. yes the LFA was revolutionary but easily beaten with today’s technology.

  5. I cannot forced stupidity out of every hater out there nor am I trying to talk some sense into anybody. But the Lexus LFA, to me, indeed worthy of every single penny of its price and more. The exhaust sounds alone is just mesmerizing and with all the technology involved building her up. She is one of the must-have car in my dream list indeed !!!!

  6. Most of you guys have missed the point of the LFA and why it is so great. If you are interested in knowing, view the You tube video on the Lexus LFA titled “A Proper Goodbye”. It’s 48 minutes long but worth it.


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