Right around the time BMW presents the world with their new 5 series, BMW expert G-Power brings out their take on the current generation BMW M550d. They managed to squeeze out even more Newton Meters out of the 3.0-liter sixer and did some minor cosmetic upgrades.

The diesel-powered M550d can truly be referred to as a torque monster, even in factory condition. Its torque figure already exceeds that of the M5 by 60 Nm, and there is plenty of juice left. G-Power managed to increase the car’s power output through their D-Tronik 2 V1 and D-Tronik 5 V1 tuning programs.

In stock condition, the engine of the M550d already features three turbochargers with different dimensions supplying the six-cylinder with a royal amount of boost pressure. As standard, the M550d develops 381 hp (280 kW) and 740 Nm of torque. With the D-Tronik 5 V1 power module those figures are brought up to 435 hp (320 kW) and 850 Nm of torque.

Being referred to as a ‘plug and play’ device, the Bi-Tronik 5 V1 power module is installed between the factory ECU and engine. If there is a sudden demand for more power, stepping down on the throttle instantly triggers the unique fueling and boost curves responsible for the additional 54 hp and 110 Nm of torque.

With the ‘one-size fits all’ D-Tronik 5 V1 module being the most sophisticated option, customers can also choose the D-Tronik 2 V1 upgrade, which involves bespoke remapping of the factory ECU. The advantage of the latter is that this conversion allows for individual wishes of customers when it comes to throttle response and power delivery.

To finish off their creation, G-Power traditionally comes up with a set of HURRICANE RR wheels available in both 20-inch and 21-inch sizes. They offer three colors, which comprise ‘Jet Black’, ‘Gun Metal Grey’, and ‘Stardust Silver’.

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