Images have surfaced online revealing a Ferrari F40 that burned down today in the UK, just minutes after its first outing. It is believed that the F40 had just competed a successful full restoration prior to this unfortunate incident. Little is known about the cause of the fire but these photos strongly point towards the engine area, the extent of the damage is large enough to deem it as a complete write-off.

Ferrari only made 1,311 units of the F40, it was the last model to be signed off by Enzo Ferrari and was ultimately introduced to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th Anniversary. Prices have not gone down ever since its launch in 1987, buyers pay anywhere from $800,000 to $1 million plus.

With the ever changing rules regarding Cat A and B in the UK, it’s hard to imagine that this particular F40 will live to see another day. There is one known case of a similar burned F40 that was rebuilt from scratch after receiving a new chassis and parts, that said, we’ll have to wait and see what happens to this particular F40.

[via Motor1 and Ferrari Chat]

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