While the official production run of the Zonda may be over, Pagani continues to produce the occasional one-off Zonda for special clients.

The latest one-off produced by Pagani is the Zonda MD. The MD has been under development at the Pagani shop for many years and is now finally ready to see the light of day.

The MD is finished in a beautiful, rich shade of blue and is based off the Zonda 760 in terms of chassis and performance.

As with all Zonda’s, the MD is powered by Pagani’s (and AMG’s) famous naturally-aspirated V12 engine. Power output has not been confirmed but we expect an output in the same range as the Zonda 760.

The MD name comes from the initials of the owner.

Compared to the 760, the MD features a style that is a bit more subdued. One unique feature, however, is the addition of an entirely new front bonnet. The new bonnet includes two air intakes as well as louvers above each front fender well.

Check out the full gallery of the Zonda MD above!

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