A new report has surfaced suggesting that Jaguar will be replacing its V6 engines with straight six power units.

The report, which first came from AutoCar, suggests that Jaguar will be expanding its Ingenium family of engines and in doing so will be ditching the V6. This move will see the company invest in building more of its own engines as opposed to getting them supplied by Ford, which they do now.

The move to inline six cylinder engines means that Jaguar will be competing directly against the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz in terms of engine options and type.

The Ingenium engine family (named after the factory in which they are produced) will follow a similar strategy to rival company BMW. The new Jaguar six-cylinder power plants will offer the same 500cc per cylinder capacity as BMW.

While the six-cylinder will be the driving force behind Jaguar’s lineup in the near future, the V8 is not going anywhere. V8 engines will continue to be used throughout the model range, although in what numbers and configurations is not yet confirmed.

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