Arash has unveiled the updated Arash AF10 in preparation for the Geneva Motor Show 2016. The AF10 shape has been around for some time, its what’s below the bodywork that catches the headlines. Arash have a stand at Geneva for the first time. The AF10 will be joined by the AF8.

The Arash AF10 comes with a choice of powerplants, a standard, 550 bhp V8 petrol engine or a hybrid system packing 2080 bhp! The hybrid system is described as the warp drive system, it comprises a supercharged 6.2 litre V8 petrol engine with 900 bhp and four electric motors, each with 220 Kw. The combined output of the complete system is 2,080 bhp.

Arash claim performance figures of zero to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds. The chassis is a 13 piece carbon fibre construction with machined aluminium front and rear sub-frames. The AF10 also gets both front and rear axle double wishbone suspension with a hydraulic lift system for a 15 cm ride height gain.

The Arash AF10 is also available in a “Racer” spec. The Arash AF10 Hybrid Racer gets a fire extinguisher, roll cage, intercom and a lightning bolt livery. All cars get complete carbon interiors and touch-less sat nav infotainment systems.

Pricing has already been released. The standard V8 model costs from £350,000 while the Arash AF10 Hybrid costs £1,100,000 and the Arash AF10 Hybrid Racer comes in at £1,200,000. You can register your interest already, although there is no word on when customers will get their cars.

AF10 Rear Hybrid

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