Jaguar’s luxury limousine, the Jaguar XJ, will be replaced with a new model according to Jaguar’s director of design Ian Callum. Ian Callum revealed that JLR is looking into creating new model lines instead of producing new bodystyles for existing models.

According to Callum, creating new model lines and an entire new Jaguar XJ are part of JLR’s growth strategy. While JLR continues to grow, Jaguar’s head of design pointed out that they will have to deal with capacity issues first and therefore won’t be introducing any immediate new models.

JLR’s current capacity reaches up to 650.000 units annually across all three UK based factories. That is, once the new Jaguar XE and F-Pace models start rolling off the production line at full capacity. A fourth production plant is due to open in Slovakia in 2018.

Ian Callum emphasized that production volumes similar to those of BMW and Audi is not what Jaguar Land Rover is after, as a ‘loss of prestige’ is what’s at stake. Instead of adding more bodystyles to the same car model, Jaguar is looking into new model lines.

Back to the Jaguar XJ, JLR’s luxury vehicle that has been conquering the market since 1982, design chief Ian Callum states that in terms of looks the XJ stands out on its own. Just introduced in 2015, it still looks brand new to most people as well. He implicated that JLR would want to make the new XJ more practical, but personally believes that it should excel in style.

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