By now you should know that the Tesla Model S is capable of accelerating to a 100 km/h within 4 seconds, depending on the exact type of Model S. The most powerful Model S yet, the Tesla Model S P90D, is capable of reaching 100 kilometers an hour within 3 seconds. That is, if the ludicrous mode speed upgrade is installed.

We’ve had our fair share of quick accelerations with both the Tesla Model S P85D fitted with ‘insane mode’ and the Tesla Model S P90D fitted with ludicrous mode. The science behind it all? Two electric drivetrains powering all four wheels, giving the almost 2300 kilograms heavy luxury sedan maximum traction. The instant torque and little to no tyre slip make for a crazy fast acceleration, accompanied by just the sound of the tyres rolling over the asphalt.

There has been a slight lack of video coverage on the sensation of sprinting to a 100 km/h with a Tesla on our part, words and a few Instagram clips aside. This video should make up for that and give you a solid idea of what it’s like to launch forward in a Tesla Model S. The video shows 7 Tesla Model S launches including the bright orange ‘Team Tesla’ Model S as seen on last year’s Gumball 3000 rally.

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